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Zoe & EJ Take Chuck E. Cheese’s By Storm

Chuck E. Cheese's play area game area

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.


I know this sounds crazy but last week was the first time my kids went to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Yes Zoë is 6 and EJ is 3 and they had never been to Chuck E. Cheese’s. What’s even more funny is I’ve been to the fun many many times as an auntie, God mother, friend, all in the years before I became a mom. So when we were invited to the grand reopening of the Buford location, lets just say I was just excited as them if not more.

Exterior of the Buford Chuck E. Cheese recent remodel.

I kept our visit to the newly remodeled Buford Chuck E. Cheese’s a surprise until we pulled up. They were both so excited that it was the quickest get your coats on and get out of the car ever! You know how slow kids move when it’s time to go, right? Not this time. I couldn’t keep up with them.

Chuck E. Cheese Buford grand opening event.

The Newly Remodeled Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese’s has changed since last I’ve been. I remember the lights, the volume (a lot of kids in one place + games + music) and the pizza. But this newly renovated location was much more light and airy than I remembered. It is family restaurant style with a nice kids fun area. And the light up dance floor is definitely something kids dream of. Big kids too (ahem).

A few of the changes that definitely caught my attention was the WiFi access which I’m sure is not new but again it’s been many years since my last visit. The spacious seating which is also great for viewing the kids while they play on their own. The separate party area which I really like because I remember it being all in one big space as the regular visitors. And the fun light up dance floor where the hourly live show and birthday dance party happen. 

Tap to Play Wristband at Chuck E. Cheese

Tap to Play Is Genius!

But probably the most important change and the one I love are the Tap to Play wristbands. This is genius! Parents can load up the bands for a specific amount of play time or a chosen amount of credits. Kids get to go ahead and play all the want at what ever games they want by simply tapping their wrists on the pad at each game. Trust me when I tell you EJ really enjoyed this.

Chuck E. Cheese

The Ice Man game was his favorite. He played it so long, he won 3 levels on it plus lots and lots of tickets. At no point did he have to stop to get more play time coins or anything. He was thrilled. Zoë was happy to explore lots of the new games and revisit the ones she liked (or won a lot of tickets on). Being able to watch them from a distance was great too. I love controlled and safe independence for kids and Chuck E. Cheese’s makes that easy for me and fun for them.

Chuck E. Cheese Pizza

Food & Fun

I forgot how good the pizza is at Chuck E. Cheese’s. I mean it is so good. Dare I say the best pizza I’ve had around these part. That good.

Chuck E. Cheese Salad Bar

And the salad bar was fresh, well stocked and delicious too. I like that you can see into the kitchen area and the open salad bar concept too.

I love that although my kids were scared of Chuck E. Cheese’s and friends, the characters were gentle and didn’t force them to interact. In the end Zoë overcame that fear, joined in on the dance party on the light up dance floor and even hugged Chuck E. Cheese goodbye before we left. There were a few moments of uncertainty that she overcame but the hug at the end definitely showed how much she enjoyed the day. I have to give a big shoutout to the staff too. It felt like we were surrounded by friends we knew for a long time.

Right now I have two birthday party request and guess where the kids want their parties to be? You guessed it, Chuck E. Cheese’s. I think I’ll take a page out of a few parents books I saw there. Having a party on a week night is a pretty genius idea. Now let me get to planning.

When was the last time you’ve been to Chuck E. Cheese’s? What do you think about the updates? 

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