Weekend Peachtree Road Race Training Began…


WeekendThis weekend the Atlanta Track Club Peachtree Road Race training began without ME! Yes I am signed up. Yes I am very excited. Yes life got in the way this weekend. I was feeling down and a bit embarassed about it but then I remembered I still have 2 months of training to go.

So what happened?

1. Mother Nature

2. Toddler

3. Mood

Mother Nature

I woke up feeling dizzy this weekend. Mother Nature does that to me sometimes. Seriously I need to have a chat with all the doctors that promised my migraines and heavy periods would magically disappear with pregnancy and motherhood. I wonder if I can recover all those years of co-pays, prescription cost and compensation for pain and suffering. Yeah no I can’t. Side-eye


My little adventurer has been moving and shaking. So much so she forgets about nap time some days. She also has what looks like 4 to 6 teeth coming in including molars. Oh and she is super clingy. So mama is beat and beat-up. Seriously!

Side Note: Just had to pick up Zoe and put her on my lap so she can see what I’m doing and yes press a few keys. Nope, chilling with daddy is not cutting it for her. She must be within toching distance of her mama! See moodiness for why I have to write while she is awake.


Mother Nature + Toddler Terror = Moodiness

I am generally a moody person. Yes I’m a cancer. Like the wind, my mood can change. I set out with the best intentions each day. You know wake up early, exercise, stretch and meditate. Drink my warm water, eat a wholesome breakfast, enjoy my coffee and care for the blog. All before little toddler toes start tip-toeing running around. But does this happen every day. No! And most likely it’s due to my mood. So often times I do all these things with Zoe. Yes I work out with her besides going out with the jogger. We do yoga together and she “reads” and writes while I type because yes I am a very moody writer.

So the weekend got away from me. That includes training, grocery shopping and writing. I did do the laundry though because of course there is always laundry to be done. Thank God for a new day to start over. Oh and I did have a glass of wine! Wine makes everything better.

How was your weekend?

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