Do You Waze?

Yesterday, I attended a luncheon for Waze; you know the best navigation app ever! 10th & Piedmont hosted the luncheon. Their menu and service did not disappoint.

Do you Waze? If not here are some reasons why you should:

1. The Waze motto is “Outsmarting Traffic Together” and they we are. Just type in your destination of which Waze will plug-in the city info and you are on your way. While on the move, Waze not only voice navigates you turn by turn, it also warns you of potential hazards, police activity and traffic back-ups. Yep, every busy mom on the road needs this.

2. Has your navigation ever told you to make a turn that couldn’t happen? Sure it has . With Waze you have the opportunity to let the team know. The maps will be updated and you my friend just saved the day!

3. Earn points and move up the Waze user levels. I am a baby Wazer now but that will change as I venture out more. For now I will take the title of baby Wazer and as a woman I am also affectionately knows as a Wazerette.

So go ahead become a baby Wazer. You won’t regret plus you’re guaranteed to get to your destination at least 5 minutes faster and save gas with Waze. Speaking of gas, the Waze app can also lead you to the cheapest gas on your route. Sweet!

The 10th & Piedmont menu was the bomb. See for yourself:




And the swag was everything. On top of all the goodies, we were also treated to a recipe box from Peach Dish. I made the Sweet & Spicy Meatball Subs with Asian Slaw for dinner tonight and they were delicious. Stay tuned for deets.


Join the Waze movement today!

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