#VDayMeDay: A Twitter Party + Prizes Galore

Twitter Party

Join me tonight February 11 at 8PM for a #VDayMeDay Twitter party hosted by Charell Star of A Girl In A Dress, Charreah Jackson, The McBride Sisters and mommy and beauty influencers like me 🙂

Twitter Party


Ladies, this conversation is all about us. When was the last time you took some time out for yourself? Think about, women naturally pull out all stops when it comes taking care of their family, friends, community and more. When Beyonce sang “Who Run The World? Girls” every women I know pumped their fist in agreement. Now it’s time for us to pump our fist for “Me Time.” Join the discussion to share your experiences, concerns and get tips on getting your me time in. The more you care and cater to you, the more you will be able to balance life and that will surely make for happiness all around. 


During the chat use the hashtag #VDayMeDay and you will be eligible for prizes from The #TruveeWines and Karma Mob. There will be 6 prize packs up for grabs. 

The McBride Sisters & Truvee Wines

“Continents apart, Andréa and Robin McBride grew up among vineyards —each independently fostering her own appreciation for the craft of winemaking, unaware of the other for nearly half of their lives. However, despite the 7,000 miles that separated them, these sisters would eventually find their way to one another. Their compelling story—proof of the bond that can form over a bottle of wine—is now being told through Truvée®. Fittingly derived from the French verb “to find,” each bottle of Truvée® is a reflection of one shared vision that grew out of two individual stories.”


Karma Mob

“Thanks for checking us out! Arch Tags launched in 2011 with our first totally unique product for women’s shoes- Arch Tags! Since then, we’ve become addicted to giving women and now girls a chance to express their individuality through design and fashion! Through the products we continue to create we hope to inspire those around the world to play and experiment and remind you that there really are no rules when it comes to this stuff.”
See you at 8PM EST ladies. Don’t miss out on the fun. 


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