Updates On My Mind

When January rolled around, I decided to get serious about blogging. By serious I mean, being consistent, finding my voice and building my brand. Fast forward almost 5 months later and I am ready to do some updates.

What kind of updates?
Well some big and some smaller.

I realize where my voice is. Well I kind of. Initially when I started this blog I wanted to talk about beauty, fashion, food and motherhood. But I also wanted to tie in fitness. Yes this would be considered doing a lot. Now I realize beauty and fashion are no longer big priorities in my world. I still love them but let’s face it. I am a SAHM and my outings mainly consist of toddler activities, household shopping and of course my outdoor runs. Every so often I have the opportunity to throw on some makeup and getting dolled up (besides church) but do I want to write about these things? Not really.
So I have decided to rebrand. My focus will be fitness, food (mostly healthy), motherhood and life. Still seems like a lot but as I look back through my post these are the things I write most about and this is the voice I want to evolve. I still want to feature moms doing great things so She’s So Haute won’t disappear.

More to come on this but the ideas I have been sitting need to be acted upon. I am my own worst enemy and it’s time this stops. Stay tuned…

Get Out There.
Join networks, attend conferences and get my name out there. I have become a semi hermit and I am over it. Sure most events will need to be child friendly but I am ok with that. For example, I have been meaning to join Mocha Moms for over a year yet here I am still peeking from the outside. I am not the shy type but I am definitely not the same person I use to be. I’ll be damned if I become the couch potato with no adult friends.

The Blog
Not so small but along with a rebrand I will most definitely be changing the look of the blog. This theme and I have a serious love hate relationship and I am breaking up with it for something cuter and well supported. I am code challenged so the more streamlined and supported a theme, the better.

Change My Diet
I love working out but what I love more is FOOD! I have had some health challenges these last few years and my metabolism is definitely not what it use to be so it is time I make some major changes. This is another stay tuned. I now it’s mind over matter with this one.

I promised myself to read at least 1 book per month. Well it’s almost of the end of April and I have only read 2 books. I’ll be picking up a few hard covers this weekend and dusting off a few I have on my shelf and on my iPad.

All of this brings me back to my one word for 2014: ACTION. I still have a long way to go.

How are you doing with your goals? What updates to do you plan to make?

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