Thoughts on Chores and Raising Independent Kids

chores and raising independent kids

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I was chatting with a friend and she complimented me on my parenting style in particular on how my kids do chores and how independent they are. This type of compliment always takes me by surprise. I have another friend who always says she needs to give her kids more chores and independent tasks like I do mine. So here are my thoughts on chores and raising independent kids.

Let them do chores. The basics like cleaning up their toys, setting and clearing the table and making their beds. Then add more when the time is right. Zoë and Baby E both enjoy setting the table with their toddler Playtex® Mealtime plates, bowls and utensils. Zoë is also a pro at washing dishes (people can’t believe this but it is true and she loves it) and Baby E is right behind her. He is not quite ready for glass plates and cups (ask me how I know) but he is all in when it comes to washing what he can. We are rocking this #PlaytexMom and Playtex® Baby Life. Get onboard with us. 

chores and raising independent kids

And I say all of this with pride because learned this from my own. As I work towards giving my children the #ForBetterBeginnings experiences I know will mold them into great adults, I think about my own childhood and my mom.

chores and raising independent kids

I grew up as a child of a single mom. My mom raised my sisters and I as the sole parent in the household with a village of family and friends surrounding us. Because my mom was the only parent in the home, we learned everything from her. We had chores from as far back as I can remember. I was a preschooler with the responsibility of cleaning up my toys, keeping my closet neat which was a big job because my closet was my safe haven and the place I retreated to when I needed time alone. Needless to say, it was a mess. I remember helping to put away the groceries and dusting. I’ve always loved dusting.

chores and raising independent kids

We learned how to cook, clean, build and fix things from my mom. I knew I would do the same with my own children and that’s exactly what has happened. My mom often says “I used to do that with you” and it makes me smile. I still use so many of the skills she taught me as a child so I know my kids are off to a great start.

chores and raising independent kids

Sure, our day may take a little longer because my kids are doing their chores at their own pace. Sure, Baby E leaves mini puddles of water behind after he is done washing the dishes but I know that my son will wash dishes and do other tasks that some people think are reserved for girls. And little Miss Zoë is responsible for taking the recycling bin to the curb and then back. She loves doing the lawn too. You know the type of things anyone not just boys or men do. And both of my babies loves to cook. Baby E has been whisking eggs for almost a year now. Clearly, I’m winning at this mom thing (at least in this department).

chores and raising independent kids

So that’s it, I believe in chores and believe chores shape independent kids who become independent adults. I’ll share a full list of chores my kiddos do soon and at what age they started doing them. For now, get your kids their own Playtex® Mealtime collection and let them wash their dishes. Before you know it, they will be at the sink washing all the dishes. Kids really love washing dishes. You know because of bubbles and water and all that good stuff. 

chores and raising independent kids

P.S. The weather has been perfect for Baby E has been perfecting his dishwashing skills on our deck. That means no puddle jumping and mopping for mom. Can I get a mama high-5 for that? LOL.

What are your thoughts on chores and raising independent kids?

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    March 25, 2017 at 7:34 PM

    Imm all for it. Now that my kids do their chores and do them well alone it is such a break for me.

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