The one night I’m really Over It.

Today was a longer day than yesterday if that’s even possible. I’m tired. Being a SAHM is not all baby bliss and mommy glam. It’s the hardest job I have ever done. So today I couldn’t wait for 7:30 pm to roll around because mommy time will be in full effect. Mommy time as in dinner without little eyes and begging hangs. A hot shower alone! Some quick social media hopping, a quick chat with the hubs (he crashes and burns Friday nights) and yes the sleep I have been waiting for. As planned it went down but guess what 1AM rolls around. I was 90 minutes into my mama needs this sleep session and little miss Z is crying her head off. I’m like yeah something is wrong because its not the usual “don’t you want to come get me whining.” Sure enough the pamper bandits were at it again. One fresh bum later I’m ready to go back to dreamland, but guess what? A fresh pamper and mama’s arms equals party time tonight. Is she serious? Yes she is. Ok she will be tired in 10 minutes. Ok maybe 10 more minutes. What it’s now 2? Ok fine let me give her some milk. She has to be hungry, right? Right. The pulling of the hair starts and she’s out. I put her back in her crib at 2:15 and then this starts…
Oh no worries she will be down in 5,4,3,2…. What it’s 30 minutes later? What!
I’m over it. I have a headache, I have cramps. I’m tired. For mommy time all I wanted was a little sleep. I wake up the hubs (he’s sleeping on the couch) thinking he will hear her and go in for a few. Nope. That didn’t happen. And now it’s 3:06 AM and she has fallen asleep or at least has stopped crying. And now I’m wide awake. If we don’t make it to our family fun run in the morning I will be disappointed. No pissed. I am looking forward to this run. Princess Z (our 7 year old) will enjoy it and have something to brag to her friends about and it will be my first activity post on the blog. We have to make it. Lets see what happen in a few hours. For now I’m just going to pop these pain killers and sip on some tea until the sleep fairy sprinkles sleep dust over me. And yes she is sleeping and it is really 3:20 AM. I’m over it.

When was your last over it moment in mama land?

And at 4:15 this is where she ended up


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    Simone Gray
    November 16, 2013 at 2:08 PM

    Hey MJ, I know all too well about trying to squeeze in “Mommy Time”. I remember I would often say to my mother-in-law “I can’t wait till these kids get big.” and her reply was always the same, with her sweet Jamaican accent “Baby girl, right before you know it they’ll be big.” She was right! My female child is 16 and the male child is 13, sometimes I wish I could get back a few (just a few) of those moments where they needed me for everything. My last over it moment was this week when once again I had to remind these almost adult kids about their weekly chores, I have this conversation with them WEEKLY!!!! OMG…Oh, the joys of motherhood….. Despite the complaints I wouldn’t change a thing!

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