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The 10 Best Books For Busy Toddlers

The 10 best books for busy toddlers to enjoy during story time.

The saying every child is different is probably the most truthful saying of all time. My two littles are completely different in so many ways. Lets see, Z has always been into story time. Baby E, not so much which brings me to this list today. Baby E has always been about the play life even during story time. Regardless, I would bring him to story time at the library and we always sat down for story time at home. But no matter what, he just wouldn’t sit still.

The 10 best books for busy toddlers to enjoy during story time.

Then one day he just decided he wanted to read a book. He went over to the bookshelf and kept looking until he found the one. And ever since then story time has been a big hit with my little guy. Here are the 10 books my busy toddler enjoys. Well it’s technically 11 book but two are on the same line so just go with it.  These books were also a big hit with my forever loving story time girl. These 10 best books for busy toddlers could just as easily be the 10 best books for toddlers who love to read. They worked for my very opposite kids so hopefully they will work for you. 

Pete The Cat Too Cool For School 

This was the book that did for Baby E. Something about the socks or the hat. Whatever it was, this book will always be special for us. It’s the book that made story time one of the times my kids actually get along. We actually enjoy quite a few Pete The Cat books so definitely start your collection. 

Corduroy’s Busy Street

We have a collection of Corduroy books but Corduroy’s Busy Street is the favorite of them all. I love that my toddler can point out the different service people in the book helping to along Corduroy’s street. It’s a great way to start teaching kids about how community works. 

Little Blue Truck 

When it’s time to pick books out for our bed time story time, one or two of the Little Blue Truck books is always a part of the night. My tot loves these books so much, we actually had to tape them back together. They are big hits for car rides too. 

Elephant & Piggie: I Really Like Slop

You know those toddler laughs that make you laugh too? I Really Like Slop sends us all into a fit of giggles when we read it. Just picture this mama acting out Elephant’s hilarious expressions when he tastes Piggie’s slop. It’s a winner for sure. 

The 10 best books for busy toddlers to enjoy during story time.

Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus

Another giggle fest book for us. This pigeon is really determined to drive the bus. I have perfected my pigeon voice and sometimes both kids say I can drive the bus. Don’t they know I am pigeon described as their mom. Ha! 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

The Brown Bear and Baby Bear books were one of the first ones my Z knew from memory. I love that the kids get to meet knew animals many of which are identified by color or their sound. Mama does great as a screech owl in case you were wondering.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

 It’s short and sweet and makes for great giggles. Tots love to act this book out page by page. It is also one of the shorter books on the list which is great for the days when the new book loving toddler just can’t sit down. 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Is your tot a hungry one or a picky eater. Baby E sways each way depending on the day. But he finds it so funny how much the caterpillar eats. I make my cheeks big and puffy for this one. This is another great one for early learning. Z is at the age where she knows where butterflies come from. She always refers back to this book when we talk about butterflies. 

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Just about any alphabet book is a hit around here. The kids really love this one. My tot loves toppling over with the letters once they reach the top. 

Hopefully these 10 best books for busy toddlers will get your tot into story time. Remember to “dress” the part of the main characters, put on your best voices, get down with the theme of book you are reading. It’s all in the action when it comes to a busy tot.

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The 10 best books for busy toddlers to enjoy during story time.

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