Team FAB Mama: 8 Fitness Apps To Stay FAB!

You do know getting fit is right at your finger tips, right? Right!

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In the past, a gym membership and an expensive personal trainer was the only way to go. I don’t have a gym membership presently but I do want one. Why? This would be my secret getaway in other words mommy me time. But today a “gym” and a “personal trainer” are just a few clicks or swipes away. How so? The wonderful world of fitness apps and our next door neighbor aka the World Wide Web.

Here is a list of Team FAB Mamas favorite apps and sites for fitness.

1. myfitnesspal

I love myfitnesspal. Not only can you track your weight, meals, water and snacks you can also check in with friends and motivate one another. But I think my most favorite thing about myfitnesspal is the exercise tracking. I sync mine withrunkeeper so workouts there carry over, calories included. But the real fun begins when you rack up exercise calories for:

Walking while carrying infant or 15 pound load. Zoe is 24 pounds now so imagine the burn!

Cooking or food preparation


These are the one’s that make me chuckle but when your fulltime job is Wife, Mom, Superwoman these calories add up quickly. Remember to add your calisthenics from the 30 Day Workout too.

2. RunKeeper

It’s more than just a running app. Track walking, biking and if your into skiing you can track that too. I love that you can see the history of all your workouts and even get full workout details. I use the free version but once I start training for my first half marathon later this year I will be upgrading.

3. Nike Training Club

I love Nike for their beautiful sports attire. You should look good when you are working out. It makes you feel even better. THe Nike Training Club app is about looking physically good. Quick workout that are challenging and humbling at times. I remember when I couldn’t make it through half of a 10 minute workout. If I am out visiting family or away for business, I can always count on the Nike Training Club app to keep me focused. I own the video game version too but I have no idea how to hook up the system we have. What’s the name of the system? I have no idea. All I know it’s not an Atari (yes, I’m telling my age.)

4. Fast Food Calorie Counter

Click on the restaurant logo of your choice and get right to the thick of things. This app will quickly help you decide on the best picks or realize how much calories, fat, etc. you just consumed. Either way, don’t go in blindly. We all have our moments. I had a cheeseburger and milkshake from Burger King 2 days ago. A Bad not FAB decision. I don’t regret it because what’s the point.

I also love this app because sometimes on myfitnesspal the fast foods listed are not accurate. People love to pretend that an 800 calorie burger was really on 450. NOT!

5. Sound Cloud 

I love to workout to music. I love to dance when no one is watching. I love dancing with little miss Zoe. She’s pretty good too. A friend invited me to enjoy a house music DJ on Sound Cloud and now I am hooked. Search for your favorites. Here are my two favs:

DJ Q-Stick for House and other upbeat flavors

DJ Private Ryan for caribbean vibes. Ever run or lift to calypso? You should but be careful you might just break your personal record. That’s not a bad thing though.

6. Pandora 

Yes there are tons of internet radio stations out there but I am sticking to Pandora. It’s simple and my Hubs upgraded us to the commercial free version. When I am out running or walking with Zoe, we listen to the Baby Einstein station or classical music. When I am out on my own my favorite stations are: Bob Marley, Pharrell Williams, Tribe Call Quest, Beyonce and Kirk Franklin. Lots to choose from on Pandora.

7. You Tube: Fitness Blender Channel

From 7 minute  to 45 minute workouts, from beginners to advanced,  Fitness Blender is my favorite exercise channel on YouTube. There is something for everyone at all levels. Here are some of my favorites:

10 Minute Standing Abs

Red Light Green Light Beinner HIIT workout

HIIT Pilates Fat burn

8. You Tube: BeFit Channel 

I am a fan of Jillian Michaels. I feel like she kicks my a** every time. You can find a few of her workouts on BeFit. They also feature Denise Austin, who kicks butt with a smile. Sometimes I need a Jillian butt whooping. Sometimes I need it a Denise smile to get me through.

Favorite videos:

Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1  

Hot Body Yoga Workout: Yoga Fit – Denise Austin

Check out these apps and sites to be your best FAB. Save them in one folder so you don’t have to search when it’s time to get your workout on.

Share your favorite FAB apps in the comments.

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    April 6, 2014 at 10:04 PM

    I like the Nike Training app and I also love Lose It (an input/output tracker) and Fooducate. I’m also hooked on Nike+ Running.

    • Reply
      M J
      April 7, 2014 at 1:47 AM

      I definitely love Fooducate. It’s an eye opener. I did Lose It before but I love myfitnesspal so I guess I’m bias. Thanks for stopping in.

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