30 Day Workout – Go Team FAB Mama

Let’s talk about strength ladies.

Strength training is important for overall physical fitness and weight loss. It also helps when your toddler wants to be carried, you are lugging groceries and baby supplies in from the car or climbing stairs with your baby and a stroller (and baby bag.) Most of the monthly challenges I have done focus on one specific area. Because these workouts start out relatively easy I have combined 2 or 3 in the past. So my 30 Day FAB Mama workout includes three focus areas: Abs, legs and arms.

Let’s do this 30 day workout together Team FAB Mama. Tomorrow is Day 1. Try to get this workout done first thing in the morning before your day gets started. This will save you from the I’m too tired, too busy or not in the mood excuses that tend to win later in the day. You will feel accomplished and ready for the day once you get it done. If any sequence is too difficult break it up. Remember to hold your core tight and breath.

A quick note on the push-ups: If you can not do a “traditional” push-up, feel free to do a modified push-up or wall push-ups. I really hate push-ups and my arms are a bit awkward so they hurt even more but I will get them done regardless.

Here is my daily basic yoga routine. Add this to your post workout stretch.

Be sure to consult your physician before starting a new workout routine. Click here for a printable copy of the 30 Day Workout.

30 Day Workout.png

Check in with the rest of the team with your progress, thoughts or modifications.


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