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Mama Mondays: In Search Of Me Time

Me TIme

  ME TIME shouldn’t be a struggle… I love love love my baby girl. She is my biggest blessing from God. I love love love my husband. Sugar Plum Z stole his spot but he is definitely one of the best blessings granted to me. I love love love the newest bundle growing inside of me. I love love love Big Z! But what I don’t love is my lack…

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Birthday Recap: 5 Happiness Truths!


Yesterday I turned 37! Yes, 37. I can’t believe it myself. Funny I can’t remember what happened a few days ago but yesterday I could remember all sorts of adventures from my childhood. Well for my 37th year, I plan to get my life by focusing on happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy about lots of things but I want and need more. I consider my birthday the…

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