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Quotes I Love

I love quotes. I meditate every morning sometimes in prayer, sometimes in silence and sometimes by repeating a quote. Oprah Winfrey is one of my favorite people to quote. Oprah has survived, lived and thrived in life and along the way she has certainly picked up a lot of wisdom which she shares with the world. You can watch an hour of Oprah, read an article about Oprah or just…

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2014 My One Word: ACTION

Reading through my blog roll I stumbled upon an entry entitled “My One Word For 2014: Perseverance” by Whitney on After reading her post, I started thinking about the concept and what one word I would select for 2014.  I have a pseudo resolution list in my head.  Pseudo because I realize when I state my goals as resolutions they never seem to happen. So I thought regardless of goals,…

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