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Valentine’s Day: 5 Gifts That Keep On Giving For Moms

Valentine's Day

I’ve teamed up with some fab ladies to share our Top 5 picks monthly in a series called the Fabulous FIve. This month our series focus is Valentine’s Day.  As a SAHM of a busy toddler with another baby on the way, my job is a 24/7 affair. It’s rewarding on so many levels but it is also exhausting. Sure the cards, chocolate, perfume are lovely for Valentine’s Day but…

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Moms’ Night Out Movie Review

Moms (and dads), when was the last time you laughed at a family friendly movie from beginning to end? I can’t remember myself until last night. As a new mom and new blogger, I was excited to attend the advanced screening of Moms’ Night Out. I grabbed Chyrel, my friend of almost 20 years and a mom of 2 and we were on our way. To say this movie is…

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