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I’m Taking Part In The 31 Day Fly Mom Challenge

2014 is underway and I am determined to be on my way right along with it.  As you know MY ONE WORD for 2014 is ACTION. Taking action sounds pretty simple right? Yet sometimes it’s not. One of the things I struggled with during my first year of motherhood was finding time for myself.  Some days a shower was the highlight of my “me” time (and trust me sometimes getting a…

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Baby Hugs

My Zoë is sick. She was not herself yesterday and came down with a fever. After a quick visit to the doctor we were informed she has an ear infection. Her first one! And the rash on her hands could be an eczema flair up due to the fever or hand, foot and mouth disease (WHAT?!?!) if she develops the rash on her feet and in her mouth. Either way…

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