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#VDayMeDay: A Twitter Party + Prizes Galore

Twitter Party

Join me tonight February 11 at 8PM for a #VDayMeDay Twitter party hosted by Charell Star of A Girl In A Dress, Charreah Jackson, The McBride Sisters and mommy and beauty influencers like me 🙂 Topic Ladies, this conversation is all about us. When was the last time you took some time out for yourself? Think about, women naturally pull out all stops when it comes taking care of their…

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Mama Mondays: In Search Of Me Time

Me TIme

  ME TIME shouldn’t be a struggle… I love love love my baby girl. She is my biggest blessing from God. I love love love my husband. Sugar Plum Z stole his spot but he is definitely one of the best blessings granted to me. I love love love the newest bundle growing inside of me. I love love love Big Z! But what I don’t love is my lack…

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I’m Taking Part In The 31 Day Fly Mom Challenge

2014 is underway and I am determined to be on my way right along with it.  As you know MY ONE WORD for 2014 is ACTION. Taking action sounds pretty simple right? Yet sometimes it’s not. One of the things I struggled with during my first year of motherhood was finding time for myself.  Some days a shower was the highlight of my “me” time (and trust me sometimes getting a…

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