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Maternity Style: Say Yes To The Jumper!

Maternity Style

This weekend I enjoyed a day out at the BLM Girls Blogger Brunch. Let me tell you, this mama to be was feeling tired and really wanted to stay home and sleep! But my days are numbered before Baby E arrives which means I need to get in a little more social time before the next few months. Wouldn’t you? No to mention The Hubs was hanging with the “terrific”…

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Maternity Style: Casual Moments in a Maxi Dress

Maternity Style Maxi Dress

Confession: My almost favorite piece of maternity style wear is leggings! Ok don’t freak out and don’t call the fashion police. Just hear my out. When I say favorite, I mean leggings are my favorite for around the house (when I am not in the buff…ssshhh) and for running quick errands and on occasion when chasing the toddler around the playground. Not bad right?  For my every day casual moments…

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Spring Maternity Style +$50 American Express Gift Card Giveaway

American Express Gift Card Giveaway

  Spring will be here in 3,2,1. Seriously we are all over this winter weather. Bring on warmer temps, longer days and cute Spring Maternity Style. Check out my picks for moms to be and Adanna’s picks for haute moms then enter to win our $50 American Express Gift Card Giveaway. My favorite maternity pieces for spring are pretty simple. Of course a great pari of leggings, long maxi dresses,…

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