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Father’s Day

Dad's Corner

Father’s Day Coupons Books Free Printable

Father's Day Coupons Free Printable

What do you do on Father’s Day? Growing up, we would go to church and then hang out with my uncle who was a father figure to so many of us. Now that I am a mom, I am always looking for ways to celebrate the great fathers and father figures in my life. For 2015 the girls are giving their dad a Father’s Day Coupons Book and we are…

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Father’s Day: Thoughts

Father's Day

I was really trying to ignore this but I can’t. Maybe I am naive or missed it over the past few years because on Father’s Day I tend to put on my blinders, but is this the first time there is such uproar about mothers being acknowledged on Father’s Day? Either way, here are my thoughts: If you decide to wish your mother Happy Father’s Day then go right ahead…

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