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Affirmations For My Son Inspired by the “I Am Every Good Thing” Book

Thank you Penguin Books for sponsoring this post about affirmations for my son inspired by ‘I Am Every Good Thing‘. “I Am Every Good Thing”  “I am a roaring flame of creativity”  “I am good to the core, like the center of a cinnamon roll. Yeah that good.”   And that’s just a little bit of I Am Every Good Thing. Do your children say daily affirmations? In our house…

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29 Books That Celebrate Black Kids Being Kids

29 Children's Books Celebrating Black Kids Being Kids

If you follow my children’s book sharing posts and tales either here on the blog or on Instagram, you know that my mission is to share as many children’s books as I can that feature black children living life just as all kids do. You know simply enjoying life, playing, living in their fairytales and more. This Black History Month I’m sharing 29 books that celebrate black kids being kids.…

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