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9 Ways to Spice Up Your Coffee or Tea

Elevate your coffee with these 9 ways to spice up your coffee or tea.

My fellow coffee and tea lovers it’s time I share with you this simple joy of adding rich natural flavors to your favorite morning, afternoon or evening cup of goodness. By no means is this list all encompassing but these 9 ways to spice up your coffee or tea is the start of your journey. It’s also pretty easy to do considering you probably have most of this goodness in…

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Our Project 52: In My Cup

Our Project 52

This week’s Our Project 52 theme is: In My Cup Depending on the time of day or how I am feeling it all depends. It could be tea, coffee, infused water or even a chia energy concoction. One thing for sure, with pregnancy comes a variety of things I feel like drinking. Even orange juice. I can’t seem to get enough of it and I am usually not an OJ…

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