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6 Ways to Teach Your Child About Their Culture

Our visit to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the festivities of the Labor Day Parade and spending time with my 91 year old great aunt, got me thinking about how best to teach Zoë about our culture and heritage. My parents and the immediate generations before them (excluding our European blood and African ancestry) hail from Jamaica West Indies. My husbands family hails from the island of Nevis & America. I…

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The Brooklyn Children’s Museum: An Adventure in Culture!

Brooklyn Children's Museum

Little Z took her first visit to The Brooklyn Children’s Museum a few weeks ago and she had a blast. Wait…I had a blast too as did her god mama Tati Nicole. There’s a special video at the end of this post to show you how much fun Z had.  A special shout out to the Happy Family truck for providing us with snack and coupons. They were parked right outside…

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