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A to Z Challenge


Tea Popsicles

tea popsicle

I love tea and that is an understatement. Let’s see I currently have 34 varieties of teabags. Yes 34! I even have mother’s milk tea and trust I bought them when it was too late. The breastfeeding ship sailed and I am still sad about it. Stay tuned, my breastfeeding story is going life as a part of National Breastfeeding Month in August. I was hanging out on google and…

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Z is for Zoe!

It’s the last day of the A to Z Challenge and I am so excited the last letter for the month is also the first letter of my baby’s name. Z is for Zoe! Yep. Tomorrow starts Mothers’ Month on the blog. I am pretty excited about the Brown Baby Love series, Team FAB Mama updates, Mother’s Day and of course more Zoe adventures. To end the month here are…

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Love: Brown Love Stories


I love LOVE It is beautiful and quite often life changing. The gift of Motherhood has given me a new love story and it is like no other love story told. I am sure you agree with that mamas. I have always enjoyed hearing stories from my mother, grandmother, sisters, cousins and friends about their children. Stories about their love for their mom, grands, aunts and sister friends. And of…

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Weekend Peachtree Road Race Training Began…


This weekend the Atlanta Track Club Peachtree Road Race training began without ME! Yes I am signed up. Yes I am very excited. Yes life got in the way this weekend. I was feeling down and a bit embarassed about it but then I remembered I still have 2 months of training to go. So what happened? 1. Mother Nature 2. Toddler 3. Mood Mother Nature I woke up feeling…

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Updates On My Mind

When January rolled around, I decided to get serious about blogging. By serious I mean, being consistent, finding my voice and building my brand. Fast forward almost 5 months later and I am ready to do some updates. What kind of updates? Well some big and some smaller. Big: Rebrand I realize where my voice is. Well I kind of. Initially when I started this blog I wanted to talk…

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Stretching: Why You Should Do It Daily


Stretch your way to healthy and happy. Here are 5 reasons why stretching daily is beneficial to you physically and emotionally. 1. Reduce Stress Whenever you feel stressed take a few minutes to stand and stretch tall with your hands in the air. Stretch your neck from side to side and reach down to touch your toes. There are lots of exercises you can do to improve stress including meditation…

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