Stretching: Why You Should Do It Daily


Stretch your way to healthy and happy. Here are 5 reasons why stretching daily is beneficial to you physically and emotionally.


1. Reduce Stress

Whenever you feel stressed take a few minutes to stand and stretch tall with your hands in the air. Stretch your neck from side to side and reach down to touch your toes. There are lots of exercises you can do to improve stress including meditation but if you are really short on time or in a public place a quick stretch will do even if people give you the side eye. Too bad for them.

2. A Good Place to Start

Can’t find the time or the motivation to exercise just yet? Do a 5-minute stretch routine at the start and the end of your day. Stretching is a great way to get your body and your mind ready for a daily fitness lifestyle. Be proud of your daily progress and before you know it you will be adding to your routine.

3. Improved Posture

I find myself slouching more and more. It really bothers me so I when I notice it, I immediately straighten up and often times I do a quick stretch by standing on my toes for a few seconds while straightening my back and rolling my shoulders up and back. Give it a try.

4. Improved Flexibility

Have you noticed it’s that much harder to reach for something like say your toes? Do some stretching and watch as your muscles loosen up. I still dream of being able to do a split at random like in the middle of an impromptu dance routine. Don’t be shy you know you do too.

5. Increased Energy Levels

When you stretch you increase the blood flow to certain parts of your body. That increase in circulation means you will also gain a little pep in your step. Stretch your way to your next Fashion Week style strut down the street, through the mall or around your house. Let your inner diva shine through.

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    November 4, 2020 at 11:13 PM

    We should stretch more! It’s not just for our physical health but also for relieving the stress caused by our day-to-day. There’s a lot of benefits we can get in stretching! Thank you for this!

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