Stream of Consciousness Sunday: On Doing Nothing

Every have a day where you end up doing nothing? Today was one of those days for me. I woke up with a headache so nothing was obviously the best plan for today. But we all know doing nothing is almost impossible for a mom. Heck for anyone. 

The hubs is in some serious caring for mood because he took charge today. This after taking days off to stay home with the kids while I attended #Blogalicious8. Get it hubs. He cooked all the meals today. Took all the kids outside and “supervised” them taking and picking up the leaves and even started the dish washer. This week I’m going to share something I’m pretty embarrassed about but right now I’m sharing that I did nothing today because the hubs was on it. 

Well nothing really means I enjoyed some well missed snuggles with my kids as they jumped in and out of my arms. They missed me I guess it their cousins were here so you know how it is. Zoë didn’t even come crying to me like she normally does. She went straight to dad. 
Doing nothing also means I caught up on NaBloPoMo, liked and loved tons of pics from the weekend, finished my latest read and only changed 1 diaper for the day. 

Doing nothing as meant my headache eased up and I just enjoyed a little lounging from a long and fun weekend. Like seriously I had a great weekend and realized some major things along the way (more on that soon). 

Now I will give my kids their baths in a few and get them off to bed. And of course it’s back to the mama grind tomorrow but I enjoyed doing almost nothing today. 

When was the last time you did almost nothing?

* I’m doing this thanks to my friend LaShawn of Everyday Eye Candy. It’s 5 minutes of unedited writing.*

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