Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park

Dear Stone Mountain Park,

We love you. You are always there with open arms. We have been visiting you since we first moved here. Our parking pass is well worth it. It gets a lot of mileage because we come to the park 2 to 3 times a week. Sometimes more. So what do we do at the park? I’m glad you asked.

My mommy gets her run/walk on around the loop with me cruising in my Joovy Zoom.

Stone Mountain Park

Sometimes she hits the trail without me and even climbs the mountain.

Stone Mountain Park Stone Mountain Park Most days it’s her and I and then for an extra special treat she takes me to the playground. I run around, play on the slides and meet other kids. It’s so much fun.

Stone Mountain Park Playground

Sometimes we have lunch and read stories at the playground too.

Stone Mountain Park

And sometimes the geese come to the playground. Of course I chase them.

Stone Mountain Park

This summer my mommy will be taking my older sister to some of the attractions in the park. I’m still too young for most of the attractions but don’t worry, time flies and I’ll be ready to conquer Geyser Towers in no time. I’m also looking forward to riding the locomotive train and the Ride the Ducks tour. Mommy is not a water fan so Dad will have to take me on the Ducks tour.

I can’t wait to see the Lasershow Spectacular. It starts way past my bedtime but maybe one day mommy might let me stay up to see it. I’ll try not to cry when the booms and bangs go off. I’ll be 18 months next week so this might be just the half birthday gift I need. Have a chat with mom for me, ok. See you next week Stone Mountain Park. You are our favorite park in Atlanta.

Hugs & Toddler Kisses,


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