Stone Mountain Park Education Center

Stone Mountain Park

Hi Stone Mountain Park,

I’m back. Did you miss me? After our run, mommy decided to let me play under the trees. We tried to snap a picture of a cardinal but nope that stubborn red bird would not cooperate. I even sang him a song “red bird, red bird, on my window.” No luck. Anyway, I enjoyed getting to know the textures of the pine cones that were lying around and a squirrel and I had a quick staring contest.

Stone Mountain Park

Once that was done we headed into the Confederate Hall History & Environmental Education Center for the very first time. I ran along the rivers and trails depicted on the floor. And then I went on a real journey. I learned about the rocks, soil, nature habitat and animals of Stone Mountain Park. I touched and listened to the sights and sounds. For the grand finale we went into the cave.

Stone Mountain Park

Mommy loves this quote featured on one of the centers walls.

Stone Mountain Park

The educational center was so much fun. We will definitely be back. Next up I want to run through sprinklers. Are there any sprinklers in Stone Mountain Park? I’ll have to investigate. Toddler discovery trips are so much fun. Want to join me?

Hugs & Toddler Kisses,


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