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Start Your Children’s Art Collection with Minted

Start your children's art collection with Minted.

It’s funny how motherhood has brought me back to thinks I love. Two of those things are art and poetry. Firstly, my Zoe is all about the art life. She loves to paint, draw and color. I mean all the time. I realize art is a way that she gets into herself and even centers herself. Seriously, I can tell when she relaxes into her art. And then there is poetry. My true first love in writing is poetry. I’ve started introducing poetry to my children and they love it. 

But back to art. Let’s talk about starting a children’s art collection. A few months ago, I shared Zoe’s art and her cute little artist shelf from Minted. Zoe also has some cute art prints from Minted and I think the prints from Minted are the perfect way to get your children’s art collection started. I talk about each piece we have with Zoe, explaining what is in the piece and asking her what she likes about it. It’s a great way to broaden her love of art and encourage her to keep creating her art. Here are a few of our favorite piece…

Minted Children’s Art Collection

This Ballerina print is my absolute favorite piece from Minted. Why? Not only is it customizable by name, you can also pick the skin color of the ballerina. That made me fall in love. A print of a little brown ballerina for my budding ballerina = perfection! 

Start your child's art collection with Minted Children's Art Collection

My children will always have a little bit of New York City in their art and poetry collections. This piece speaks to my heart. The colors, the yellow taxi, and the skyscrapers. Mama loves NYC. Not from New York? No worries, there are several different cities featured in prints on Minted. 

Minted Children's Art Collection

I’ve also started Baby E’s collection. We have two art prints from Minted for his collection as well as a few pieces he has done on his own. He loves the “mess” of making art. Let’s see how that art grows. We have the Little Love Bug piece personalized for Baby E. He really loves cars so I knew this one would be perfect for his wall. 

Of course, Baby E needed a little bit of the New York City Skyline for his art collection too. I have my eye on a few different prints of the Brooklyn Bridge for our main gallery wall. 

Minted Children's Art Collection.

Ready to start your child’s art collection? Minted’s Anniversary Event is on until April 3. Use code: NINE for 15% off sitewide. Get the details here. Stay tuned for their art gallery walls I’m setting up for spring. I’ll be showing how to make an art gallery wall that you can continuously update. Have you started your children’s art collection yet? 

* This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, our art collection may grow from a small commission. Thank you.*

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