Spring Break at Georgia Aquarium {Atlanta}

Georgia Aquarium

Hey Moms, Dad, Kids, what are you doing for Spring Break. There are lots of great things to do in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Today I am sharing 5 things to do at the Georgia Aquarium for Spring Break. 

Exterior during the day

Georgia Aquarium is one of our favorite places to visit. It is filled with great activities, shows and of course beautiful sea animals. My girls love all the aquarium has to offer and I do too. Our last visit, we enjoyed Aquanaut Adventures. For spring break we are planning to check out a few more highlights. Number one on my list is the Dolphin show. For Big Z, she wants another picture with a diver and Sugar Plum Z is all about the Penguins and running around. The aquarium makes for a great picture book report, day in the life speech and more. 

Georgia Aquarium

Aquanaut Adventure: A Discovery Zone

Georgia Aquarium’s newest gallery, this unique experience allows parents and children to learn about aquatic life as they complete a series of educational and fascinating challenges to become a certified Georgia Aquarium Aquanaut. 

Animal Encounters and Interactions

Guests can go behind the scenes and enjoy an exclusive personal experience with one of our aquatic animals through a Georgia Aquarium animal encounter or interactive program. Guests can choose from a Penguin Encounter, Dolphin Encounter, Sea Otter Encounter, or our Journey with Gentle Giants swim and dive programs.

AT&T Dolphin Tales

The AT&T Dolphin Tales show is an experience you won’t want to miss which entertains, motivates and inspires guests. AT&T Dolphin Tales shows are held throughout the day and are included in Georgia Aquarium admission.

Behind the Seas Tours

Explore the secrets of Georgia Aquarium! Behind-the-scenes tours are available for guests interested in learning more about the day-to-day operations of the Aquarium and learn more about our animals and their care.

Explore! Atrium Show

This one-of-a-kind live show combines live-action film, animation, acrobatics, large-scale puppetry and dance. Explore! takes guests on an aquatic adventure that opens the imagination and explores our connection to the ocean.

Don’t miss out on all the fun Georgia Aquarium has to offer. And if your children are old enough, Big Z says you should go ahead and let them swim with all the beautiful whale sharks. Yes she called them beautiful. She has her heart set on it and is counting down the 3 years until she has her moment. LOL!

Georgia Aquarium

Get more details on Spring Break at Georgia Aquarium here.

Which of these 5 adventures will you explore? 

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    September 25, 2018 at 2:25 PM

    Hi MJ, love the article. The Georgia Aquarium is a fantastic day out when you are in Atlanta it was my kids favorite part of our recent trip to the states. You cannot beat the experience. Unfortunately my two were too young to swim with the whale sharks but I managed to get in there with them….scary but a once in a life time experience. If you get the chance and you are ever in Europe take your kids to the AquaDom in Berlin, not quite the same scale as Georgia but it is amazing!!

    When we got back from our trip I had to buy a small aquarium for the house! You know what kids are like….they see it they want it!! Ended up actually starting my own little website and I get the kids to pick out the images….a new hobby and something to keep them quiet during the summer holidays!

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