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How to Survive Snow Days with Netflix Kids #StreamTeam

How to survive snow days with netflix kids. The five shows we love to watch to beat cabin fever.

It’s been a pretty busy year thus far especially in mamaland. The year came in with a bang for my preschooler including a week off of school due to snow days from snow that actually stuck around for a few days. Well for one day but then there was ice and we all know the last time ice struck around here how that went.  The tot started the year was up and down with a slight fever and irritation due to teething. But we are so happy the flu has not knocked on our door (knock on every single piece of real wood). So how have we handled cabin fever from snows and sick days? Simple… Snow days with Netflix Kids. Yep we “Netflix and Kids” lol.

Snow Days With Netflix Kids: The Five Shows We Love 

Snow days and Netflix Kids with Trolls the beat goes on.

Trolls The Beat Goes On!

The girls have watched the Trolls movie more times than we can count. They enjoyed Trolls Holiday all season long and now we are all enjoying Season 1 of Trolls The Beat Goes On. Little Z has sung her heart out with every episode. And the hair, she is still asking for that pink hair I let her have that one time I went all cool mom on her. The show has Queen Poppy trying to keep the peace between the Trolls and the Bergens. Queen Poppy has a tough job on her hands but we are loving each episode of the adventure. 

Llama Llama

Just in time for the last round of snow days, Llama Llama debuted on Netflix. We have several Llama Llama books the kids love so much they are barely holding together. The series is one they ask for during tv time lately. I love that that Llama Llama focuses on family, friendship and learning. It’s perfect for my sensitive preschooler as she navigates school, friends and social gatherings. It’s one we definitely go back to when talking about her feelings. And who could forget Ludacris rapping part of the book on the radio! 

Ask the Storybots is one of our favorite shows to watch on snow days and Netflix kids

Ask The Story Bots 

Story Bots is the first cartoon we started watching on Netflix as a family. It’s a win for this mama because each episode explores a fun lesson. Care to know why the sky is blue? The Beat Bugs have the answer for you. Our favorite episode is “where do french fries come from?” and one day I will get around to editing the video of Little Z making french fries inspired by this episode. And if by chance your kiddo is hesitant about the dentist, be sure to watch the episode about cavities. The tooth brushing has been epic around here ever since. 

Clifford The Big Red Dog Cereal Art

Clifford the Big Red Dog 

One of our absolute favorite books is Clifford the Big Red Dog. We even made a Clifford The Big Red Dog art project out of cereal and red paint a while back so of course watching episodes of Clifford in action is perfect for cabin fever days. The tot is especially found of Clifford as he really loves dogs. Clifford actually helped him remember the color red so the show gets a thumbs up from this mama too. 

Snow Days and Netflix Kids

The Magic School Bus & The Magic School Bus Rides Again

I wasn’t a big cartoon watcher as a child but one of the few I did watch and love was the Magic School Bus. When the new series Magic School Bus Rides Again came on, I was so excited to introduce both versions to our kids. Little Z often pretends she is Ms. Frizzle or Fiona, leading her little brother on adventures around the house. 

Snow days and the cold/flu season are not over so make sure to have your Netflix playlist ready. What shows do you and your kids enjoy on snow days with Netflix Kids?

5 Netflix Kids Shows to Watch On Snow Days

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