Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park #SnowBlog15

Snow Mountain

It was a gorgeous day in Atlanta. Just enough chill in the air to feel like we were on the slopes in upstate New York. Well not exactly but I do love that our favorite park celebrates the season with their Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park attraction. My family and I were invited to attend #SnowBlog15 and enjoy all the fun of Snow Mountain. 

Stone Mountain Park Featuring Avalanche Alley, Tube Runners, Little Angels and so much more. There is fun for everyone and plus a smores pit and great hot chocolate too. For an expecting mama, watching the kids have fun all around me was good enough for me. Big Z and cousins had a fabulous time. They did the snow tubes 3 times! And 3 hours later, they were still talking about it and full of energy. 

Snow Mountain

Sugar Plum Z had another toddler moment. She has developed this “fear” or something when we are near big crowds. I don’t get it but I’m happy to report she enjoyed the end of the day at the hot chocolate reception and even said “thank you” and “bye” to the Stone Mountain park event team. Speaking of the event team, Stone Mountain park and their staff definitely know how to treat their guests. They are welcoming, kind and definitely understanding of a frazzled mama to be and a fussy toddler. I can’t sing their praises enough! 

Snow Mountain

I have to say a big thank you to my cousin Alana. She is my mommy sidekick in the family. Most of the day pics were captured by her. 

In Atlanta or coming for a visit? There is still time to catch Snow Mountain. The attraction remains open until February 22. You don’t want to miss it especially if you’ve never experienced snow in person. Enjoy the fun and don’t forget to explore all that the park has to offer. Check out snow mountain details and more at stonemountainpark.com.

Next year this mama plans to ride those snow tubes! Hopefully an older Sugar Plum Z will be ready to enjoy the fun. Baby E will be too young so he will stay home and hang out with daddy or grandma.

Thank you Stone Mountain Park. You continue to show our family fun all year round. A true oasis right in our backyard.

Have you taken a trip to Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park this season?

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