Running In The Rain

Last week I missed a few runs due to the toddler Ickies and my own funky mood but Friday I decided I would be running no matter what. The forecast was for rain all day so I knew I would not be bringing Zoë out with me because she was already under the weather. I was sitting around and all of a sudden I felt the urge to have a glass of wine! Really the way I was feeling a few glasses which could have easily become the entire bottle. No I don’t need a meeting it was just one of those days. Yes this was at 12:30 in the afternoon. I proceeded to talk myself in and out of having that glass even justifying it by saying “I didn’t have my Scandal wine during the finale so why not.” This back and forth went on even as I got dressed for my run. I decided I would enjoy my wine after my run so I headed out.


Rainy and cold, I started out slow and sluggish as always. I really need to figure out a pre-run routine to shake this. Any suggestions? The rain wasn’t so bad (at first) and my Brooks still felt really good. 30 minutes was my goal but I doubted it would happen not because of the run but because of me. I cranked up my music and continued on. 30 minutes later, soggy and cold I was back home just as Zoë was waking up from her nap. Small victory even though I had to take her with me when I went for my shower. The Hubs was knocked out on the couch and a curious toddler can not be left on her own.

It still amazes me how much a run can do for your mood and energy. Although today was more like a slow trot (I never did shake the slug) I got it done, didn’t need the wine and had a great rest of the day. Cheers to WINE I mean RUNNING!

A quick shout out to Old Navy. Got this rain workout jacket a few years ago. Does the job and the headphones built in are a total score. Now if only I could keep my phone from bouncing.

Running In The Rain

Old Navy Active Rain Jacket (excuse Zoe)

What exercises do you do to shake the blues?


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    April 22, 2014 at 11:00 AM

    i am not a runner, but i love that you found something that works. i do love a good dance party in the kitchen, car, where ever i need to get out of the funk.

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      M J
      April 22, 2014 at 10:59 PM

      Hi Elle. I love dancing too. That is a great way to burn calories as is shopping! LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

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