What I'm reading right now.

I’m so glad I’ve gotten back to reading more consistently. It’s like a little mama break or three during the day. And by reading, I mean reading books and magazines for me. You know because as it stands, I can basically recite about 1000 children’s books from memory these days. 

Kids are eating, I read.

Kids are playing, I read.

Kids are sleeping, I read. 

You know little breaks like that. And they matter. And they make me feel good. So basically reading is self care for me.

What I’m reading? 

The Secret

I am still reading The Secret. This is not my first attempt but this is the farthest I’ve gotten. I am really enjoying discovering how to be grateful daily for the littlest to the biggest thing. I’ll be sharing some quick tips on reading and doing the work in The Secret next week. There are some days you need to be prepared for in advance. I probably would have gotten through the book the first time had I known these things in advance. 

Breathe Mama Breathe 

I just started Breathe Mama Breathe so I can’t say much about the daily practice itself but I will say it is a great compliment to The Secret. Breathe Mama Breathe is all about 5-minute mindfulness for busy moms. I am here for anything that takes 5-minutes. In this whole adulting life, sometimes it’s hard and down right impossible to take 5 minutes for yourself. And forgot about it in motherhood. Even a 5-minute bathroom break seems impossible some days. More on Breathe Mama Breathe soon. 

Any and Everything Home

Real Simple Mag, Ikea Catalogue and all the pretty home Instagram accounts. I have some projects that need to get done so I am reading and clipping for inspiration. What I really need is someone who is good at this stuff, some money and to just start at least one thing. 


I haven’t started it yet but it’s the last book of the year for the book club. I am determined to read it and to actually make to the meet up for it. Dropping it here for accountability of course. 

What books are you reading? Leave me some great novels that are not too heavy and not horror. I’m always down for some beach reads. 

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