Prep for a Road Trip

Road trips are certainly fun especially for families. Before hitting the road some planning should be done to make sure your trip goes smoothly. Obviously you need gas in the tank and clothes to wear but there are a lot of other things to consider when planning a road trip. After countless road trips as a couple and a few road trips with our kids, here are some key things to do before you head out for your trip.

Trip Prep

Make all reservations including the hotel, attractions and depending on the trip, dinner reservations. Plan for downtime in between activities especially when traveling with kids. Remember there is nothing wrong with using a day or two just to relax. If it is a short trip, a good way to include some downtime is to travel really early and ask for access to your hotel room early. If the room is not ready, the hotel can store your luggage while you and the family enjoy some downtime on the grounds, pool side or grabbing a bite to eat.

Family Prep

Make lists. I usually make a separate list for each member of the family. The list includes outfits for each day, shoes, undergarments and personal toiletries. Make a list for the car including easy access items, snacks, change of clothes for kids and electronics.

More tips for prepping for a road trip

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