I got a really late start today. Once my day got started it was all about Zoë. We played, ate, had story time and played some more. During a nap I decided to inflate my exercise ball. That took 1 hour. I was seriously considering going to the gas station for air. The hand pump thingy was torture. Well I did it. I prefer doing my ab work on a mat but there are days the ball will come in handy plus it’s a beautiful shade of pink. I snagged it at Marshalls along with pink and black workout gloves and a pink handheld pouch/water bottle combo for the days when I am laced up. I also snagged 2 hot pink Eiffel Towers at Ross. They are for Ms. Zoë’s 1st Birthday Party. Guess what the theme is: Pretty & Pink in Paris. I have four months until her very first soirée. So stoked!

I was never really a pink fan but having a baby girl changed that. Now I love pink. More of a black, white and grey girl, pink offers me a bit of brightness every day. It makes me smile. I don’t wear pink often in my regular every day style but I have a lot of workout gear that fits the bill.

So ladies what colors make you smile? How do you style it and embrace it?


P.S. my current pedicure just happens to be pink.

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