Simple Parenting Hacks to Make Your Day Great

Simple parenting hacks to make your day great

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What do you think of when you hear the term parenting hacks? Do you think cool tricks you discovered on Pinterest and wonder why you never thought of that? Like the laundry basket in the bathtub hack? I love reading lists of parenting hacks filled with “aha” ideas to make life as a mom of two busy toddlers easier but for me, the real parenting hacks to make your day great are actually pretty simple. I remember when I worked in corporate sales, I worked long hours. During that time I was also completing my graduate degree at night and on the weekends. It was hard and a lot of stress but I practiced some key “hacks” if you will, to keep my sanity and excel at work and at school. 

Then came motherhood and SAH motherhood and everything pretty much went out the window. I put everything aside and focused on loving and nurturing my little one. But at some point during the first year, I realized that so many things were out of order starting with the state of our home. Baby things were everywhere, no one was sleeping and every day seemed more like an act of survival than a beautiful day in motherhood. Then I remembered how well my “hacks” worked in the corporate world so why not try them in my new world. Here’s what I did to make my days great. It works most of the time. Just like sleeping through the night, nothing in motherhood works 100% of the time. 

Simple parenting hacks to make your day great

Simple Parenting Hacks to Make Your Day Great 


I like to make a schedule and stick to it. Ok so I don’t always stick to it, but schedules make this Mama’s World go round. From preschool, activities, playdates, downtime, groceries, doctors appointments, visits with family, you name it I try to schedule it. I like to write it all out and then  make changes or add things depending on how crazy our week is. Mama is done burning herself out. 

Simple parenting hacks to make your day great


I keep a bag of necessities for the kids and myself in the car. I keep our diaper caddy stocked in the house. For the car and the house, a well-stocked supply of Luvs, wipes, diaper cream and changes of clothes are so necessary. There is nothing worse that having to scramble for diapers or any other necessity in the midst of a diaper blowout. I love Luvs because do the for the blowouts as well as keep up with the little runner my tot has become during diaper changes. And of course, because they are affordable. Seriously, why are diapers so expensive? Luvs wins for us. 

I prep outfits the night before and sometimes even a whole weeks worth of outfits in advance. I’ve started getting into prepping meals in advance too. I have a pepper steak meal seasoned and ready to go from freezer to crockpot any day this week. 

Wake up Early

This one can be a struggle with toddlers who randomly get up at 3am a few times each week but getting up early is such a big deal for me. I can workout, meditate, prep breakfast, enjoy my coffee alone and review our daily schedule all before little people wake up and take over everything. Getting a headstart of them makes for a calmer and less stressed mom for sure. P.S. The same applies for the Hubs. Mama needs her alone time and early morning works best for me. 

Simple parenting hacks to make your day great

Remember You

Don’t forget you. Do something nice for yourself a few times per week. Even if it is something as simple as enjoying your coffee alone in the morning or going for a power walk without having to push a stroller or make sure the toddler who insists on walking stays close to you. Read a book, color, or put your headphones in and dance. Doesn’t matter, just remember you. 

Simple parenting hacks to make your day great

Let The Kids Lead 

Do you ever have a day when you’ve planned great meals, activities and fun but the kids say otherwise? Happens all the time around here. I’ll be ready to prepare eggs and the tot will decide she wants to mix up a batch of pancakes. We have skipped activities and the occasional playdate because one or both of my tots has a different agenda for the day and their demeanor shows it. Sometimes it’s great to let the kids lead. Go with it. 

Enjoy the Detours 

There will be detours. You will fall behind schedule. Things will be left undone. Go with the flow and enjoy the shifts. If you can’t enjoy them, just remember tomorrow is another day. Dust yourself off, kiss your kids, change a diaper and don’t beat yourself up about anything. Work on enjoying the moments. 

What are you basic parenting hacks for making your day great? 

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