What to Pack for a Road Trip

Do you know what to pack for a road trip? Just because you’re driving a car, doesn’t mean you want to pack your entire house for your road trip. But there are some essentials plus some extras that are a good idea to have with you.


First, check the weather. At least a week or two before your trip, check what the weather will be during your stay. Pack according to the weather but bring at a few layering pieces just in case. For example, if the weather is warm, you should still bring a light sweater or cardigan for cool nights or for cool places such as restaurants. Generally, I pack 2 outfits per day for kids and 1 outfit per day for adults with 2 additional outfits. Since you planned beforehand, you know if you need to pack something for a dressed up occasion or not.

More packing tips for a road trip here

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