#OurProject52 Week 1: Who Am I?

Our Project 52

I am excited to be a part of Our Project 52 with Lashawn of Everyday Eyecandy and MiMi of Lipgloss & Binky. The challenge is to share a weekly post based on a specific prompt. Lashawn & Mimi are also inspiring and helping us take better photos. I’m still learning all about DSL pics and my camera. This weeks pics are not from my DSLR. Read on to find out why.

#OurProject52 Week 1: Who am I?

MJ. That’s who! And so much more. I’m MJ or Melissa to those that met me in my adult life. I’m Lissa to my family and childhood friends.

Our Project 52

I’m wife to the Hubs. My guy!

I’m mommy to Sugar Plum Z. Mama To Be to Baby E. Bonus Mom to Big Z.

Our Project 52

I am daughter, sister, auntie, and friend to an abundant village.

I am the gal born in London but Jamaica is my blood!

I am the lady who loves shoes. These days it’s all about flats because this lady is a little clumsy now. But a stiletto? A stiletto makes me SING!


I am the woman scarred but not scattered into a million pieces.

I am ME!

Our Project 52

*I am late to the linkup because some how I lost all the photos on my laptop (well the ones I never backed up… about 12,000!) Remember I said scarred but not scattered? Even something as simple as this applies. But I am moving in. Slowly…

**All pics via iPhone 5S because yeah I’m still recovering.

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