Our Project 52: Love/Heart & From Where I Stand aka Pregnancy Update

Our Project 52

This is a two in one post for Our Project 52. I missed last week but the two topics work well in a combination so here it is: pregnancy Update via #OurProject52

Week 8: From Where I Stand: The Bump & Big Sister

Our Project 52

 Week 7: Heart/Love: Sonogram & Pregnancy Update

Our Project 52

Glucose Test

Finally took this test and the results came back normal. Thank God. I was worried about this because gestational diabetes is no joke. In addition to these test results my most recent sono showed that my fluids are back to a normal level. This is awesome news because besides gestational diabetes, high fluids could be a concern for stillbirth which I talked about in my previous update. 

Baby E’s kidneys are still showing slightly enlarged. The doctor used the word slightly and that the right one is a little more than the left one. We are still praying on this but the fact that they have not continued to grow beyond what’s normal gives me hope. And again, nothing else came up on the scan to cause further concern. I am remaining faithful. God is good. 

Now to the crazy stuff: 


Random and somewhat odd things like a Belgian waffle! Not just any waffles but one from the Waffles & Dinges truck. Of course something I can’t have right now. But I may just make some in their mini waffle style. Meat is still my favorite  even though I still can’t deal with raw meat. Olives, suddenly I’m loving these all over again. Mushrooms too. 

Underwear Madness

Yes! At least 3 days per week I put my underwear on inside out or front to back. I rarely ever realize it until I’m getting undressed! I’ll spend the day going to the bathroom (and you know that’s often) but never realize it. This cracks me up. Oh and don’t ask Little Z how many times I’ve set up her diaper backwards while changing her. LOL

Dizzy Spells, Nose Bleeds & Muscle Contractions 

Gosh this continues to come back. I stay hydrated, exercise and my sleep has gotten better yet still all of this happens multi time per week. The muscle contractions are always in the wee hours which leaves me trying not the scream to loud because I don’t want to wake everyone up especially the toddler.  I have a follow up with my OB tomorrow so we will talk about this again. At least my migraines are less frequent. Sigh…

Vivid Dreams 

I mean crazy, wake me up out of my sleep dreams. I’ve literally felt myself in the moment even after I wake up. It’s the craziest thing. 

Missed my last Our Project 52 shares? No worries, start at WEEK 1 and catch up from there. 


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