Organizing My Blog Life With CoSchedule

In case you were wondering… blogging takes a lot of work. It’s not all pretty pictures and informative posts like many people think. The back end work is just as if not more important and if I’m being honest, that part is my struggle. I rock the writing and even the all mighty SEO but my biggest struggle and the one I always mention when someone asks is keeping up with the social media and promotion grind. Basically I struggle with organizing my blog life on the back end. But not anymore. Want to know how I’m getting that part together?

Organizing My Blog Life

The two things that work for me as far organizing my blog life are My Planner and CoSchedule.

I am not a fancy planner girl. Believe me I have tried but a simple lined journal works best for me. I do blog and life planning, doodling, a little bullet style organizing each month and I even add stickers every now and then. My planner goes everywhere I go. It’s small enough to fit in any bag I carry and it’s the third thing I grab every time I’m leaving the house. Well fourth thing if I include the kids. LOL. 

My next tool for organizing my blog life is CoSchedule. Where I tend to fail is sharing so CoSchedule is the key to success for me. I love the way CoSchedule basically makes you schedule your post for the initial share and the followup shares. When I actually do this, it improves the engagement on my social platforms and on my blog. It’s a simple enough strategy but I just don’t stick to it on my own. I am learning to embrace using tools and resources to help me overcome my weak spots. That’s certainly better than never getting it done at all. Don’t you think?

Along with sharing content, I also struggle with sticking to the almighty content calendar. Every time I see one of those “National ____ Days” that I would actually participate in, it reminds me of how much I need to work on implementing and using a calendar. I can do all of this on the CoSchedule platform so that’s another bonus. 

Organizing my blog life with coschedule and my planner

At the end of the day, it’s all about having everything I need to be success in this ever moving online world at my finger tips. That’s pretty much it. And of course actually sticking to the plan. 

Now that I’ve rebranded and rocked out the first season of The Mama Tea podcast, it’s time I get this whole scheduling and sharing under control.  Speaking of all these things, I can use my CoSchedule calendar to manage my podcast schedule and I can connect my Google Docs to the platform too. I mean come on, this less than organized mama needs all this goodness in her life. Don’t you?

More new content and podcast fun to come but for now if you are needing to up your social sharing and content organizing, check out CoSchedule. Are you already a fan on the platform? How are you using it? Share your tips and tricks with me and cheers to organizing my blog life.  

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