My one word for 2017 is PUSH.


My one word for 2017 is Push. 


Because I tend to get stuck at the point of “starting” which is more like acknowledging that I have an idea but not actually doing anything about it because…

I am scared. Scared to fail or is it scared to succeed. In my case, it is both. 

Because I can’t finish I never really start. 


Because the only way to get passed me and my doubts is to actual push my own hang-ups out of the way. 


Because I deserve to do better. I deserve to feel happy about how I live each day. I owe it to myself to be the best me without all the excuses. 


Because excuses are ridiculous and who really has time for that? Time waits for no one so yeah I have to get moving. 


Pray until something happens. I forgot about this definition of the acronym PUSH. I have to modify it a bit. I definitely pray and I know that being specific in my prayer request and in my gratefulness is necessary BUT… Action has to be a part. Without action, nothing will happen. I believe God wants us to take steps to live the life he has laid out for us. Sometimes the step is simply a prayer but sometimes it’s more. Real steps in my purpose so that God can continue to guide me. 


Because my children are watching and it’s up to me to be the example they need to see in the world. I don’t know about you but I want my kids to follow their dreams. Maybe that’s heading off to college to study a particular field or skipping college altogether and doing their own thing. Whatever it is, they will know that mama put in the work and set the example. 


Because being still (in action) is no longer an option. 

What’s your one word for 2017? 

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