Mommy Me Time: New Hairstyle with Groupon Coupons

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What do you do for Mommy Me Time? Last week, I spent my mommy me time getting a new hairstyle, a much-needed mani & pedi and a lunch date with myself. 

I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for awhile but couldn’t make myself do it. Firstly, I am no good at this natural hair thing so having ponytail length hair is essential. Second, I miss my hair stylist. I’ve only ever had one person truly cut my hair.  I went from hair in the middle of my back to a mohawk with her. She’s also the only person that has ever put a permanent color in my hair. Lastly, a few months ago I shared that a hairstylist snuck a Keratin treatment. I was devastated but luckily the stylist I love has been able to get my almost back to where it was. 

Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons

But did you know that you can find a stylist and get coupons for hairstyles via Groupon Coupons? Just search the Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons for local deals near you. I’ve shared before how Groupon Coupons helps us stay on budget for so many things including household items. But being able to try out a new hairstyle by using a coupon is next level. Haircuts, colors, and extensions are expensive. Sometimes my budget just doesn’t allow for a hair appointment but I truly feel like a new woman when my hair is styled. 

It’s the little things that become such a big thing when most of my day is spend caring for my toddlers. Of course, their needs come first and at the end of day I don’t have the desire to work on my hair. This is one of the things the hubs always “treats” me too. He will simply say “make a hair appointment” that usually means a nail appointment too plus those a mommy me time hours. You can’t beat that but before I head out, I check Groupon Coupons for local deals and I also ask my stylist if she has any Groupons going. 

Have you used Groupon Coupons for a hairstyle lately? 

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