My Scandal Epiphany


Today I had an epiphany and I have Scandal to thank for it. So here it is: If I ran my house like I do on Scandal Thursday’s I could conquer the world. Don’t get me wrong, I have a schedule set for Zoë but that’s pretty much it. I squeeze everything else in around her schedule and once she is sleeping for the night I finish the things I need to,or I skip them all together and claim the time as me time.

But not on Thursday’s. I look forward to Thursday’s at 10 PM. So much so I am relaxed and counting down the minutes from 9 PM. Scandal is my one guilty pleasure that I watch in real time not DVR time. Zoë’s schedule remains the same. But me, I have dinner done by 3, kitchen cleaned including the bottle sterilization process, all toys put away, dog cared for, my shower and nighttime beauty routine all done with an hour to spare. Heck it’s Scandal night and I’m actually writing this at 8:35 while chatting with the hubs.
So now I am going to start running the household like Scandal night is every night. The spare hours will be dedicated to blogging, cooking/baking and working on my business plan. Hope this goes well. I’ll update you guys on my progress. Wish me luck.

Do you have a Scandal night routine?


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