My Favorite Thing Is…

My favorite thing and why.

I am still in for the #eyecandyproject52 photo challenge with LaShawn but truth be told last week’s prompt stopped me in my tracks and I needed to take some time to process my thoughts. The prompt is “Your Favorite” so of course I started out with my easy list of my favorite things. You know my kids, books, coffee and even the beautiful new floors we had installed last week. And my hubs too but he’s not here for the photos although I’m going to sneak him in one somehow because I actually do really like him. Yes I love him but you don’t always like a person and you certainly don’t like anyone all the time. My hubs and kids included.

So I took a cute picture of the kids sitting near some of my plant babies with some books and even a cup of coffee. But the picture wasn’t quite right and I couldn’t figure out exactly why. It wasn’t the lighting or even the aesthetic. It just didn’t feel exactly like what I’m feeling my favorite thing is lately. So I didn’t post it.

My Favorite Thing Is…

I choose me and my favorite thing. These are the reasons why.


Yes, I choose me as my favorite thing right now and for the foreseeable future because I deserve this self love. I deserve to pour into myself the work I pour into others. And it’s not just an external “self care” thing although I do need a lot of that too. It’s mostly the internal work. It’s also things like just being still, having time alone, doing fun things for myself and being happy with all that I have in the process. It’s rediscover a lot of the things I love but put to the wayside far too often. Do you feel me?

But then as it often goes, I paused. Now the funny thing is I’m rarely ever one to pause because of what other people might think. But in this instance I did. And that right there made me realize even more why choosing me as my favorite thing is necessary. Because why should I (or anyone else) be ashamed about that. It doesn’t mean I love or love on my people any less. It simply means I’m adding me back into the equation. Intentionally. Last week, I talked about this in an open and real way with my friend Sandra on her podcast “A Different Kind of Mommy”. Have a listen to our convo about Life Before Mommy. I keep it all the way real. Maybe even too real for some? But I have no guilt about it.

So My favorite thing is ME!

What/who is your favorite thing?

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