It’s Mothers’ Month!


Happy Mother’s Month to all you beautiful mamas. Yes Mothers’ Month. Why? Why not?

Join in celebrating you all month long. Here are some of the things we are doing this month:

1. Brown Baby Love Series

Starting Monday, you will have be able to enjoy answers to this month’s question:

What does Brown Baby Love mean to you?

You can also enjoy love letters from moms to their children, mothers or any other mom that inspires them.

2. Mama Movements

I dare you to get moving every day in May. Here’s how:

  • Wear a pedometer each day. You will be surprise at how many steps you take or how many more you need to take. Aim for 10,000!
  • Park a little but further from the entrance and watch those steps add up.
  • Walk to a further train station or bus stop.
  • Play a game of tag with your little one. Let them win.
  • Join a running/fitness group. The weather is finally turning the corner. Even if you are not a runner (yet) walkers are always welcome. A quick toning session with friends never hurt anybody.
  • Grab a friend and go for a leisurely stroll while you catch up. Or do this with the family.
  • Buy a jump rope or ask the telephone guy for some wire (remember that?)

Remember just 20 minutes a day will make an impact.

3. Put you first.

Back in January, I participated in the Fly Mom Challenge hosted by Christine of Moms N Charge. Guess what? I am revisiting that list. Why? Because it was fun and it was so worth it. Get into it Mamas.

Happy Mothers’ Month to you. Let’s enjoy it together.

What are you looking forward to this month?

P.S. Leave little notes and pictures around for your boo (or yourself) of what you want for Mother’s Day.

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