Motherhood: New Baby, New Promises, New Goals

Thank you to SheSpeaks/Pampers for providing a sample of the new 

Pampers Premium Care diapers for this motherhood tale. 

As always all opinions are my own. 

I’m still in awe of this thing called motherhood. Just 4 short years ago, motherhood was still an unanswered dream. But then we were blessed with Zoë in 2012 and my motherhood journey began. I made so many promises to protect her, care for her, teach her and love her beyond measure. And less than 3 months ago I found myself adding to my promise list when Baby Ë arrived. 

Motherhood promises with Pampers Premium Care

What does a mom do when she never expected to have one much less two children? I was afraid I didn’t have enough of me to go around but just like that there were my babies depending on me to keep my promises. And so I do it every day. I’ve added a few promises to my list: 

  • I promise to give one on one attention, love and affection to each of my children
  • I promise to embrace their individuality and their individual needs 
  • I promise to be a better mom to the both of them and working towards my dreams so they will have a bright future

There a few things that remain the same from child to child. Newborns pretty much do the same things: Sleep, eat and provide tons of laundry and diapers! As for diapers? I kept one of each stage of Pampers for Zoë from newborn to size 5. And now I get to do the same for Baby Ë. We started out with Pampers Swaddlers for newborn & size 1 and now we are loving the new Pampers Premium Care diapers. 


I am a bit of a diaper snob so everyone knows what to get if they offer to bring us diapers. I’ve already sent out alerts stating our love for the premium care pampers and I’ve shared their glory with my mom friends. A bit of a confession: I considered cloth diapering this time around but the Hubs wasn’t onboard so we stuck with Pampers and I am so glad we did. New babies come with lots of changes and having the promise of Pampers protection at my finger tips just keeps things simple. 

Baby E Loves

  • Feeling dry even after waking up
  • The cute animals on the Pampers and the stories mommy makes up to go with them during diaper changes

Mommy Loves 

  • The absorb away liner that keeps  Baby E dry and rash free. 
  • The breathable material. Feels like cloth. 
  • The wetness indicator and the extra absorb channels because who wants to wake a sleeping baby due to a diaper! No mom ever. 


One note: The premium care runs a bit bigger than the Swaddlers (in my opinion) so be sure to secure them well. At 3am, I’ve rushed them on only to have to do a clean up on “aisle baby” a few hours later. Sleepless mama moments aside, these are the only diapers we will be using until it’s potty training time. Is your baby still in diapers? Head to Walmart to pick up the new Pampers Premium Care diapers. You won’t be disappointed. 

Follow Pampers for more bonding, tips and stories including those on a #MothersPromise. Follow Walmart for more in Pampers and the new Premium Care diapers too. 
What promises do you have to your children? 

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    August 7, 2015 at 9:03 AM

    I love this post so, so sweet! Baby E is such a cutie patootie and I know you’re an incredible mama. I used Pampers with both of my kids and a bit of a snob about it too LOL

    • Reply
      M J
      August 7, 2015 at 9:38 AM

      Thanks Adanna. He is such a sweet little guy. Yes Pampers Snobs Unite! LOL.

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