Moms’ Night Out Movie Review

Moms (and dads), when was the last time you laughed at a family friendly movie from beginning to end? I can’t remember myself until last night. As a new mom and new blogger, I was excited to attend the advanced screening of Moms’ Night Out. I grabbed Chyrel, my friend of almost 20 years and a mom of 2 and we were on our way.

me and chells

To say this movie is funny is an understatement! Hilarious is more like it. I laughed at the movie, and laughed at some of the crazy things I have experienced in my first year of motherhood (projectile vomit, marathon sleepless nights, endless crying even after you have tried all your fixes including singing.)

And don’t forget the dads. The first funny moment with Zoe and her “DADDDDDDYYY” as she calls him was our first day home from the hospital. Zoe was so cute in her pink and green sleeper and next thing you know she had a stink bomb. Dad went to change his precious little girl and next thing you know she delivered her first pamper explosion. All over him, her clothes, our bed, everything. He screamed help. I was still in c-section pain but I had to rescue him.

The message of love, acceptance and being enough spoke to me soul. I constantly worry about the baby and if I am being the best mom I can be. I worry about being a good wife. I worry about Zee’s future.  I never feel like I have done enough, do enough or that I am good enough. One line from the most unlikely character in the movie confirmed “Mom you are enough.”

This is a family friendly movie and actually a really great date night comedy. May 8, 2014 is National Mom’s Night Out. Make a long weekend out of it with your friends. Have a Thursday evening spa date with your girls. And then on May 9, get all dolled up and head out to the premier of Moms’ Night Out. After the show grab a bite to eat, go dancing or stop by a low-key lounge for girl talk. Heck, go bowling n your cute outfits. You won’t regret it. Spend Saturday at the park with the kids. On Sunday, sit back, relax and enjoy the love from your mate and your children.

What’s your favorite family friendly movie?

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