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5 Ideas for Mommy and Me Time During A Stay At Home Summer

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How is your stay at home summer going? If it’s anything like ours, there are good days and then there are days when bed time is just a little bit earlier because everyone needs it. With two young children at home, the days definitely vary. One thing each of my children crave is one on one mommy and me time time. How does mommy and me time during a stay at home summer even work?After several months of trying different things, here’s what’s been working for us. 

Mommy and Me Time During A Stay At Home Summer 

Morning Walks 

I’ve been getting up to do my couch to 5K training for the past 6 weeks with my bestie even though we’re miles apart. After that I like to walk for another 30 minutes. Some mornings I walk alone, some mornings I walk with both of my kiddos and some mornings it’s mommy and me time. When Z and I walk, we usually sing, y’all about random things (kids have endless topics) or listen to music. 

Garden Time 

I’m always sharing my time in the garden alone but it’s been really fun to enjoy mommy and me time with Z too. For the last few years, we’ve made fairy gardens. Last year fairy garden was an edible garden with lettuce and herbs. This years garden we planted flowers in the pots. A random radish also ended up in the pot. That was a fun discovery for both of us. 

Spa Days

Not quite spa days but we enjoy mani and pedi time together. I paint Z’s nails and toes, give her a kiddie facial and end with a massage. Often times we will sit on the front porch and relax while our fingers and toes dry. 

Sidewalk Art

As a family, we have always enjoyed creating art. In the summer we do lots of art outside. From gathering items in nature for name art or chalking up the most fun murals. 

Jumping Rope 

Z has taken to jumping rope. She wants to learn how to jump Double Dutch and since her mom jumped on a competitive team many years ago, it’s only right that I teach her. We are still on the one rope skills faze but I’m excited to carry on the Double Dutch tradition with her. 

One thing we keep on hand is cool drinks. Our go to is Organic Juicy Juice Juicy Waters. Z’s favorite flavor is Orange, mine is Fruit punch and when it’s EJ’s day for mommy and me time, he always picks Strawberry Watermelon. I like to keep Juicy Waters on hand as a special treat for these special days. The kids look forward to it and I feel good knowing that the juice waters are not made with high fructose corn syrup. 

Most of the things we do together can be easily adapted for any child. For example, EJ prefers to water the garden and find worms. Z prefers to plant and harvest. Z picked out this Earth Day Slime activity from Juicy Juice for our next mommy and me time. She wants to make it while we sit in the garden. That should be fun. 

Fun at home during this stay at home summer hasn’t always been easy to navigate because everyone is experiencing big feelings and need extra love but our weekly one on one time is something we all look forward to. Now mommy needs to figure out how to build in a little more me time. 

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    Natalie Ann Redman
    October 4, 2020 at 12:35 AM

    Love these ideas!

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      M J
      October 27, 2020 at 5:02 PM

      Thank you.

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