Mommy & Me = Turn Playtime Into A Workout

Mommy & Me Workout

Mommy & Me Workout

Mamas when was the last time you worked out? Get in a workout while your enjoy playtime with your little ones. It’s easier than you think and so much fun too. Here’s how:

Walks, Jog, Run, Bike

One of the best ways to get in a workout with your baby is to strap them into their stroller and head outdoors. Do a few laps around your neighborhood or in your local park. Point out familiar objects and sounds. Sing the alphabet, a favorite nursery rhyme, or practice numbers. Mommy will get her steps/miles in; baby will enjoy the fresh air, movement, scenario and interaction. This quick outing may lead up to a great nap or good night of sleep if done in the evening.

Another great workout is biking. Babies can join in on the fun with a baby bike seat. I’ve even seen the tandem buggy things. Not sure if I would use one but it works!

With older kids play a game with lots of movement or start a race tournament. Here are my top 5 fit and fun outdoor games. Let them win sometimes. SOMETIMES!


Zoë loves yoga time with mommy. She gets a kick out of seeing mommy attempt a new pose and when I collapse she cracks up laughing. Don’t take yourself to serious and let your kiddo join in on the fun. Put your little one face up on your yoga mat or right next to you. Do poses such as downward facing dog, cat, or happy baby pose above them. Depending on their height, they can even sit up while you do these poses.


I have a fear of deep water so even though I can swim I don’t. This will not deter me from taking Zoë to swimming lessons. While in the pool with your little one be sure to keep your legs moving while you support your little one on their journey. Even simply raising your legs in a pool will give you a great workout. Imagine adding your child’s weight. If you have a fear of water like I do, take a swimming class.  I plan on taking one in the near future.

Crawling, Jumping, Roll, Kick

Little ones love to crawl. Get down and join them. Crawl fast; crawl slow, forward, backward and to the side. To up the ante have place your little on your back and have them hold on to your neck/shoulders. Trust me after 10 minutes you will feel it.

Zoë falls out laughing when I do jumping jacks. I must look pretty crazy to her. Then one day she tried to do them too. Now that was funny. As a modification, I jump up and down and sometimes hop which she can easily do. I add in one-leg hops for myself and that gets her cracking up again. Whatever works, she’s happy and I am revving up my heart rate. We are both winning.

Roll or kick a ball back and forth. The first time I told Zoë to go get her ball and she went I cried. Who knew she understood what I was saying. We roll it and she attempts to through and kick in her own special way. Watch out for daddy’s big screen.


Crank up her favorite tunes or yours. We dance to Baby Einstein radio, calypso and house music via Pandora and SoundCloud. We go for about 45 minutes. I try to get this in before nap time if we don’t go out for a run. She is exhausted after. WIN!

See how easy it is to get a workout in with your little one? Get started today and celebrate your progress as you get stronger, leaner and instill fitness and health as a priority in your child’s life.

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What’s your favorite workout routine? 

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  • Reply
    September 22, 2014 at 12:32 PM

    I love Yoga & more recently I’ve gotten into jogging. I haven’t done either in the about a month. Time to get back on the horse 🙂

  • Reply
    Adanna (Rattles and Heels)
    September 24, 2014 at 5:49 PM

    These are all awesome suggestions. LOL at the tandem bikes. I can’t get with them but they work for some people. My fav way to exercise with the kids is to walking and dancing in the living room 🙂

  • Reply
    April 13, 2016 at 4:41 AM

    This is great tips about mom baby workout.

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