A Walk Down Memory Lane

A walk down memory lane.

Memory Lane… 5 years ago (On October 22) my daughter’s godmothers threw me a beautiful shower. 

Today’s Facebook reminder was perfect. I woke up feeling blah. Between mother nature (insert eye roll here) and the kids waking up just 2 short hours after I fell asleep, my mood was off. But I got up and got moving anyway because that’s just what mama has to do even when she doesn’t want to. Anyway, I happened to stop by Facebook much earlier than my norm and this pic was waiting for me. 

This was such a happy day. Truth be told, I was pregnant lady annoyed with the hubs just a few hours before this pic but overall the day was simply beautiful. Some facts about this day…

Godmothers Are Everything

My daughter has the best godmothers and they went all out for us on this day. Four + 1 Godmothers to be exact. Aunty Peaches, Dina, Nicole and Rita. Her bonus Godmother is Paula, my sister friend and wife to Z’s Godpapa Uncle Ronnie who is watching over her from Heaven. Does that seem like a lot of godmothers for one kid? Not to me. After all, before I knew God’s plan, Z was the only child I thought I would have. Funny how our assumptions work… Hello Baby E! Anyway, I know Z is in great hands and will be forever. 

Nothing Better Than Sisters

My sisters flew in for the occasion and I was so happy they were there. Nothing like your blood sisters always being by your side.  

And Sisterfriends

A few sister friends drove in from out of town too. And the love and support from our extended family and friends was definitely in the building. It was perfect. Told you my kid(s) is covered. 

Deuces to Bed Rest for the Day

I had permission from my doctor to enjoy this lovely day but to get back in the bed right after. bed rest is a BI so of course I went overboard aka strutting and even dancing in Prada heels with the ultimate toe cleavage. Of course I did but Z stayed put until delivery day so it was all good. 

The Glam Up

Speaking of looking lovely… this dress was a last minute save from my cousin Dina. I paid for a custom dress that ended up looking like a big light pink curtain with crinoline underneath. The save was better than that piece of drapery. Ha! And that fascinator was handmade by my girl Jane Dough. She is still rocking some beautiful work so check her out here and here

Beautiful Day

The weather was perfect. Y’all know it can and will snow in New York in October right? Or it can and will be down right below freezing. Or… It can be a beautiful and almost Indian Summer Day like it was on October 22, 2012. Yup, we won the weather award that day. Just a week later, Hurricane Sandy hit and crippled so much of NYC including shutting down NYU medical center which is where Z was suppose to be born. 

Gifts that Keep on Giving

It took weeks to get through all the gifts. They kept showing up and I was overwhelmed to say the least. Five years later and I am still able to pass down some lovely things from Z. Things that only she used and things that her brother was able to use too. Blessings continue from this day way back in 2012. 

Memory Lane 

This picture isn’t perfectly in focus but it is one of my favorites. Shout out to Abuelo Hodgson for the shot. I have it in a collage along side a pic of my mom and one of my grandmother. That collage is very special to me. 

This walk down memory lane will always be one of my favs. My Z is almost FIVE! God is awesome. My birth story with Z is worth a read. Check it out. 



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