Mamahood: 29 facts about my first year as a Mama

I survived my first year of motherhood. And yes I mean survived. Zoe was born on 11/29/12 so here are 29 facts about my first year as her mama.
1. God is so good. Thought I knew this before but now I truly know. Zoë is my testimony.
2. Reading/Play time at the library is so good for Zoë and so good for me too. Adult conversation people. Don’t skip library time.
3. Sleep. What is that? With a new baby in the house it’s those stolen moments you get when your husband or your mom watches the baby. No I did not sleep when she slept. I don’t know to many mamas that do. Between choirs, a little socializing via phone or internet, a walk alone through the neighborhood no matter the weather, or just plain old watching her sleep (making sure she’s breathing) sleep is a foreign language.
4. A hot shower was the best gift given to me in this first year. I mean the showers that did not include Zoe sitting in her chair with me peaking from behind the shower curtain every few seconds. Other top gifts include my Joovy jogger, my locket for Mother’s Day and a spa trip for my birthday.
5. The internet is not your friend unless you’re shopping or searching for workout, makeup and fashion tips (this includes during pregnancy.) if you have concerns pray on it and see your pediatrician.
6. People do love me. My people made my survival this past year possible. I can’t say thank you enough. Build your village mamas.
7. The plans you so methodically made are just that plans. Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t beat yourself up.
8. Your baby is a great workout partner. I do miss getting together with workout buddies but my jogs with Zoë are a great time. Fresh air, singing, great naps after (for her) and extra calories burned (for me.) Ever pushed a jogger up a hill? Think FLOTUS Michelle Obama arms.
9. I’m not perfect and I am ok with that.
10. I should have moved her to her nursery sooner. This is when my real sleep started to happen. 10 month in!
11. Crawlers are like puppies…they will eat anything they find on the floor. Dyson anyone?
12. It’s ok if you can’t make fresh baby food everyday because you were (insert your perfectly good excuse here.)
13. Tyler Florence and Sprout are a team. There stuff taste so good! Pick some up when #12 is in full affect.
14. Don’t feel bad if you don’t breast feed or in my case could not continue to breast feed due to illness. It’s your choice and honestly Zoë was much happier with her warm bottle of formula.
15. Walmart is a necessary evil. Sigh.
16. Money spent on your baby is money well spent (within reason.) See my favorite baby things lists: skin, toys, food, fashion, mama saviors
17. Toes taste good to babies.
18. My favorite place to buy baby books is Amazing Savings. If there is one near you don’t pass it by.
19. TJ Maxx & Marshalls have a great book selection too along with haute baby fashion finds. You can also find some pretty popular and somewhat pricey toys here too. Hello Melissa & Doug!
20. Print the pictures you take. I’m still working on this but seriously print them!
21. A DVR is a new mamas best friend.
22. Date night is a necessity.
23. Light makeup even if your just heading to the grocery store is refreshing. Check out my quick makeup hit list.
24. Wine!
25. Cooking dinner with a screaming baby on your hip is not only possible it is real and those meals have been some of the best I ever prepared.
26. Laundry is a noun, an adjective, and a verb. Wait no…laundry is EXERCISE! Hello weights and cardio. Up and down the stairs I go.
27. Your house will get messy. Messy is ok. Dirty is definitely not.
28. Becoming a mom puts life in perspective. Give the best of you to your children, your mate and your dreams. They deserve it not that miserable job that yes pays the bills but robs you off your sanity and your family time. I mentioned a job because that was my biggest AHA moment. Motherhood freed me.
29.The unconditional love from your baby is unmatched. This is true even on those sleepless nights and the horror of colic, reflux, teethings, interrupted quiet moments with your hubby.

I could go on and on but I’ll end here and let you all weigh in. What was your first year of mamahood like? Are you willing to do it all over again? I’m still toying with the idea.

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