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Made 2 Play with Stride Rite and Sole4Souls

Stride Rite and Soles4Souls.

Thank you Stride Rite for inviting us to be a member of the #teamstriderite.

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One thing I know for sure is that Baby E is always ready to get up and go. His feet are on the move and playtime is in full swing as soon as I “rescue” him from his crib. Climbing, no problem. Kicking, no problem. Running, he really thinks he’s going fast and sometimes he’s moving head first (a sight to see) which scares me. And when he’s getting into any and everything, move out the way Zoë and anyone else in his path. 

Stride Rite and Soles4Souls.

Of course, all this action makes for some heart stopping, near accident situations. Seriously, why didn’t anyone tell me this is how boys roll? I suppose some girls are like this too but since Zoë was the opposite, I had no idea. That saying “you don’t know until you know” is the absolute truth when it comes to motherhood, each kid, and hey life. Just know, I’m always on edge when this little guy is on the move. Is it just me?

Stride Rite and Soles4Souls.

Bring on Stride Rite! First walkers, Stride Rite. Summer kicks, Stride Rite. Current adventures? Stride Rite, of course. We’re currently loving these Made2Play®  breccen sneakers. This mama doesn’t have to worry about laces coming undone. This mama feels less anxious because the strap across the top makes for a secure fit. This mama gets to throw these in the machine when said toddler has ventured into one mud puddle too many. 

Stride Rite and Soles4Souls.

This mama is also happy to support Stride Rite and Soles4Souls. Do you know so many kids can’t attend school because they do not have a pair of shoes? Not even one pair? This is a reality for so many kids across the globe including right here in the US. Stride Rite is committed to donating up to $100,000 to Soles4Souls to send kids back to school. How awesome is that? Want to help? Shop Stride Rite between now and September 5th and Stride Rite will donate 1% of net profits to the cause. 

Stride Rite and Soles4Souls.

But guess what else? You can bring in a new or used pair of shoes to a Stride Rite store and drop them in the Soles4Souls donation box. As a thank you, you will receive 5% off a pair of new shoes on that same day. Add that to the current BOGO sale (also through September 5th) of buy 1 pair of Stride Rite shoes and get 40% off of select styles. Can’t make it to the store? The BOGO sale is online too. These Made2Play® breccen sneakers are a part of the deal. I’ll be getting a pair for Zoe and possible another pair for Baby E because his feet grow so fast. We are 2 sizes up since his birthday in May. As a result, I have some like new shoes to donate to Soles4Souls too. 

stride-rite-made2play-soles4souls 5

Go ahead mamas, buy some cute sneakers that can also withstand your feisty toddler and feel good knowing your purchase helped a child head back to school.  

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    August 26, 2016 at 1:14 PM

    He’s just too adorable and wow I seriously can’t believe that he’s already walking. Like when did he get so big. I really like that faux laces situation. Laces could be so annoying!

    • Reply
      M J
      August 26, 2016 at 9:34 PM

      Right girl! He’s not even a baby anymore. He is all toddler. All tumble and climb toddler. This faux lace situation is a dream come true. LOL

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